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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; December 20 news: Because of a lawsuit against Nike Air shoes "pseudo-science", Beijing of being the director of the Institute of ergonomic Nike's lawyer Zheng Qingsheng being accused of "illegal theft of trade secrets." Zheng believes that the accusation is a malicious slander, sued Nike infringed its personality and reputation (16 November cheap foamposites has reported). Yesterday morning, Zheng Qingsheng Dongcheng Court of First Instance dismissed the prosecution, the court considered the case of dispute views of the remarks, not vilify personality. Nike on its website that its production of air-cushioned shoes, "can give the muscles, bones and joints the best protection" Zheng Qingsheng that this argument is a Cheap air jordans for sale pseudo-science, at the end of last year, Zheng Qingsheng Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Corporation (Nike Chinese company) sued the West Side Court. Xicheng Court of First Instance rejected the claim. The trial, Nike's lawyer repeatedly accused him of "illegally entered the Nike internal Web site," "steal business information." September this year, Zheng Qingsheng Retro jordans for sale again Nike Chinese companies and "pseudo-scientific" case of two agents sued Nike East Court, that the other side defamatory, Nike and agents requested a public apology and compensation for mental solatium 150,000 yuan. Nike believes that the respondent is published comments agents made based on the fact, it is a normal exercise of right of action does not consti cheap jordans for sale tute libel. East Court held that the views and opinions of Nike's statement is a recognition of Zheng Qingsheng enter their site behavior rather than fabricating facts, this view belong to different parties for events subjective understanding, not vilify and insult slander Zheng Qingsheng Personality . And Zheng Qingsheng did not provide him sufficient evidence t Cheap air jordan 12 ovo o lower social evaluation, requests for reputation infringement can not be established, the first instance be rejected. The plaintiff Zheng Qingsheng said it would appeal.from custom shoes veteran works of Sekure D and SBTG joint. The classic shoes of the dark Air Jordan 3 cover the jet motifs and the graffiti patterns to perfect the street culture on the shoes Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping . currently sells for $$750.the existing color enthusiasts in this black on the outside of the bottom dotted with golden yellow spots, creating a black ink effect to the overall steady low-key feel has added a lot of bright spots.1 # aerobic exercise for 30 to 45 minutes #The most common in the daily life of aerobic exercise is nothing more than walking, brisk walk cheap jordans online ing, jogging, ball games, swimming, dance and aerobics in recent years is also more people following aerobic exercise. Characteristics of aerobic exercise is low intensity, there is rhythm, without interruption and longer time to maintain and phase compared to run, jump, weight lifting and so on with the outbreak of the movement, aerobic exercise can be sustained f Retro jordans for sale or more than 5 minutes. when we in aerobic exercise, the target heart rate maintained at about 60% of the maximal heart and continue to more than 30 minutes. At this time the fat will is aroused and to the human body to provide energy and fat to provide energy record can be as high as 85% of the total consumption to lose weight the best stage. And in about 45 minu cheap jordans for sale mens tes later, the consumption of fat will again reduce, also recommend the weight loss during aerobic exercise choice low intensity, time maintained at 30 to 45 minutes, more than five minutes to do heart to ease the movement Oh! # 2 interval exercise #interval exercise by definition that is motion decomposition. After 10 to 15 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a cheap jordan shoes for men nd rest for 20 to 30 minutes, although the resting heart will calm down, but the body is still in the fierce, excited state, continue to maintain a high rate of fat burning. The most important is to consume more fat, metabolism, the highest point! # 3 fast and high intensity exercise #although this time is relatively short, the speed compared to improve a big cut, so that the heart rate is rapidly up to the standard. And the heart has enough time to rest after each contraction to effectively increase the strength of the heart. # 4 weight bearing exercise # if fast or slow on a treadmill training can also give lower pounds dumbbells to full training biceps, pressure on the shoulder and triceps extension. With a 3 pound dumbbell as an example, the fat burning rate increased by 5% to 15%. # 5 circular motion #each training one uninterrupted exercise. Upper and lower body to the lower body alternately, focus on the buttocks, waist and legs, because these training can consume more oxygen, can effectively increase the heart rate, burn more calories! # 6 the best time of #fat burning06:00 09:00: get up early to jog for 30 minutes or to choose the appropriate place to get off walk to company. Remember to avoid exercise intensity is too large, so as to avoid a day of physical so consumed. 14:00 to 18:00: if you want to lose weight on the choice of this period of accelerated motion, not only accelerated the same operation 〉 The new supersedes the old..

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